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Brian Dolan at WorkReduce: Remote work is here to stay.

May 29, 2021

WorkReduce CEO Brian Dolan joined Kevin Lee from eMarketing Association’s podcast. In this short clip, discussions quickly turned to the future of remote working in advertising and why this is such an exciting time to be in this industry.

eMarketing Association Podcast with Brian Dolan

WorkReduce CEO Brian Dolan joined Kevin Lee from the eMarketing Association on their latest podcast interview in May 2021 to discuss various issues (and opportunities!) related to digital advertising staffing and remote work. This video contains the full 20 minute podcast, including discussions on the future of remote working in advertising, how agencies and brands are making changes to overcome the current talent crisis.

What Google’s Privacy Sandbox Means for AdTech, Advertisers, and Individuals

WorkReduce CEO Brian Dolan joined the panel of industry experts for the most recent ‘On Purpose Live (webinar) event’. The panel discuss and debate what Google’s privacy sandbox means for adtech, advertisers, and individuals.

Why is DTC so important right now? Where are the growth opportunities?

WorkReduce CEO Brian Dolan provides the intro on DTC growth opportunities as part of our WorkReduce Live webinar series. “Why are we talking about DTC? Well, last year, e-commerce grew enormously. We saw 32% growth in e-commerce in 2020, a lot of it was pandemic-fueled. And, it’s projected to grow another 20% this year. And yet, 82% of retail sales are still happening offline. So, where’s it going? What are the drivers? What does this mean for big brands? What we the opportunities for DTC and what does it mean for us as Marketers?”

Brian Dolan at #CES 2020

March 12, 2020

WorkReduce Founder and CEO Brian Dolan sat down with John Durham at #CES 2020 in the @NYIAXInc #FutureOfMedia Salon to talk about how WorkReduce is pulling businesses towards the future of work and solving the talent problem in media.

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