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Are in-house ad agencies choking the talent pipeline?

Published 4/12/2021,

The advertising industry is experiencing a talent crisis of immense proportions that’s likely to continue unless changes are made now.

Amid the growing migration from agency to in-house advertising teams, the market has ignored the essential role that agencies have traditionally filled. Agencies have typically been the talent “farms” for our industry. They’ve owned the fundamental role of finding, nurturing and growing entry-level talent across all aspects of the advertising business.

The shift of these responsibilities to in-house brand teams is choking the pool of top advertising talent, making it difficult for both in-house and agency teams to fill open roles with candidates who have the right skill sets.

Leading by example

In-house ad agencies have been on the rise for more than a decade. Procter & Gamble led the charge by in-housing media to minimize its number of vendor relations and create greater cost efficiencies, with the goal of wresting more control over its brands. It’s a strategy that’s proved successful: Since then, P&G has expanded its in-housing ambitions to other aspects of its advertising operations, and inspired many large brands to follow suit…

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