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Hybrid and Flexible Work Are Key to Attracting Top Post-Pandemic Talent

Published 6/30/2021, By Brian Dolan,

With an unprecedented talent crunch hitting at the same time that agencies and advertisers are navigating the question of if, how and when to return to the office, we conducted a survey of senior industry execs to gather data on how in-office policies will affect talent.

The shift to work-from-home last year was sudden, but the return has been anything but.  The desire of employers to have their teams return quickly to pre-pandemic work environments is creating a tension between the majority of senior agency employees who want a flexible workspace but need to see clients and coworkers in person.

The issue is not just about when we go back to the office, but whether to return to the office full time. According to our recent survey of senior ad execs, only 13% plan to return to the office full-time, so where does that leave everyone else?

The assumption that offices would reopen and business life would revert to its fast-paced, hectic days with long commutes and demanding travel requirements is under heavy fire. We’ve seen what can be accomplished when things are done differently. It works. And in many ways, it works better.

However, our survey results indicated that the majority of senior ad execs are not clamoring to get back to the frenetic past. They want options. Some want to be back in the office, but others want the flexibility to be there part-time or not at all. If there’s any certainty in this transition, it’s that going back to the way things were threatens to cripple agencies by draining an already shrinking talent pool..……(read full MediaPost article)

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