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How Agencies Can Define A New Norm In 2021 After The Chaos of 2020

By Brian Dolan, Founder and CEO, WorkReduce

Published 1/12/2021,

If 2020 prepared us for anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. And with 2021 already throwing us curveballs, it’s not crazy to think there are more in store.

But what does that mean for agencies? If there’s more insanity on the horizon, what can we do to create stability?

Get ahead of client needs

For starters, now is the time to build relationships.

It’s become easier to get in touch with senior executives. The noise of the office is gone, we know who has cats, dogs and/or kids and the opportunity exists to make new and lasting interpersonal connections that can go a long way toward humanizing and personalizing our working relationships.

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