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Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Partners with WorkReduce on Visitor Engagement Initiative

What’s even better than data and analytics? Beautiful data visualizations! When our friends at Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy told us they were sitting on a mountain of data that they wanted to share with the public, we jumped into help build an interactive map. Now when you’re visiting the Greenway, or planning a trip, you can learn about which plants species are in bloom across the 17 acre park property. Hit us up to learn more about the process of building this tool, from data cleansing through accessible and mobile-friendly front end design.


At #CES @WorkReduce Founder and CEO Brian Dolan sits down to talk to John Durham in @NYIAXInc #FutureofMedia Salon



Radio Entrepreneurs Interview

Title: “A Better Media Buying Platform for Agencies & Brands”

Guest: Brian Dolan – Work Reduce

Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis of MAGE LLC



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