Our Team

Nimble Talent team members are located in over 30 US states and 12 countries.

At Nimble Talent, we believe that advertising operations can be betterfastermore efficient, and more profitable. So we started Nimble Talent to find the people who can help achieve that.

  • Our team expands your capacity and capabilities by providing access to a wider pool of talent, including those who may not be based in major cities but have the skills and experience essential for media buying and analytics.
  • We take care of the recruitment, training, management, and support of our team members to ensure they can deliver their best work when collaborating with you.
  • Our systems are designed to allow a diverse and distributed team to work together effectively, to achieve the best impact and results for our partners.



Jake Glaser
VP, Sales

Jamie Filton
VP, Talent Acquisition

Ashley Stewart Izzo
Director, People Operations

Julie Haase
Senior Manager, Talent Acqusition

Michelle Law
People Coordinator

Kelly White
Director, Client Success

Rachel Knost
Associate Director, Client Success

Kris Beck
Senior Manager, Client Success

Distributed BY DESIGN.

We find and train talent from around the US and across the globe.

Our systems enable a diverse, distributed team to create the most impact.

Nimble Talent expands your teams’ capacity and capability by increasing your talent reach. We bring talent that might not live in the biggest cities, and people that might have skills and experience the average media planner doesn’t.

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