Our Team

We hold the guiding belief that advertising operations can be better, faster, more efficient and profitable. So we started a company to find the people who can do just that.

WorkReduce supports the world’s largest brands, agencies and ad platforms providing qualified talent to improve media buying and analytics. WorkReduce operates 100% remotely from over 30 US states and 12 countries.

Our founders, leaders, and investors come from successful startups, ad platforms and global agencies.

WorkReduce has become the secret weapon used by brands and agencies to up-level talent and process, mitigate risk, and get costs off balance sheets.​ 

With a fully remote work-force we hire, train, manage and support our teams to make the most of their home-based office so they can bring their best selves to your projects every day.

Brian Dolan
CEO & Founder

Michael Haight
SVP, Client Success

Kelly Lawler
VP, Sales

Adam Warburton
VP, Talent & People

Amelia Tran
Senior Director, Marketing

Kelly Jahrnes
Senior Sales Director

Jennifer Stein
Senior Sales Director

Dr. Timothy L. Brown
Director, People & Culture

Ashley Stewart Izzo
Director, People Operations

Julie Haase
Senior Manager, Talent Acqusition

ZaToria Jones
Manager, Talent Acquisition

Alec Fairbanks
Manager, Talent Acquisition

Olivia Crespo
Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

Kelly White
Director, Client Success

Alicia Amador
Associate Director, Client Success

Rachel Knost
Associate Director, Client Success

Alice Garrison
Associate Director, Client Success

Ben Pierson
Associate Director, Client Success

Stephanie Harper
Senior Manager, Client Success

Kris Beck
Senior Manager, Client Success

Rose Harari
Associate Director, Client Success

Distributed by Design

We find and train talent from around the US and across the globe. We are present in over 30 states and 12 countries.

Our systems enable a diverse, distributed team to create the most impact.

WorkReduce expands your teams’ capacity and capability by increasing your talent reach. We bring talent that might not live in the biggest cities, and people that might have skills and experience the average media planner doesn’t.

WorkReduce In The News

Backed by years of industry experience, our team regularly shares their expertise on paid media, analytics, campaign management, HR and DEI best practices with the press and notable marketing publications. Check out our recent articles:


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