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Hacking In-house Marketing Efficiencies Through Effective Division of Labor

Marketing has increasingly become a technical specialty. Beyond our traditional digital channels, TV is now connected and Outdoor is also digital. And thanks to the Covid era more consumers are online than ever before. Marketing has evolved from suiting a predominantly qualitative skillset (social and behavioral understanding, creative and strategic mindset) to include functions requiring greater quantitative abilities than ever before (the use of technology, analytics, automation, and integration). Which means, if marketing teams want to remain innovative and function optimally, they need to divide their tasks purposefully to qualitative and quantitative team members. Read on!

The Disruptor Series Podcast: Brian Dolan is Disrupting the Workforce -Ep85

In early July 2021, Brian Dolan joined The Disruptor Series podcast hosts Rob Schwartz (CEO, TBWAChiatDay, NY) and Strategy Director, Asha Davis to discuss how the pandemic has changed the way we work forever and why that’s a good thing for the advertising industry. “At a senior executive level, the [advertising] talent pipeline has been starved for decades of diverse talent. And probably a lot of diverse talent has been squeezed out of it so there’s a whole opportunity for the industry to get better on that front.” –Brian Dolan, WorkReduce. Read on:

Employee Spotlight – Alice Garrison

Get to know our brand Sales Director, Alice Garrison! This Georgia native is a lover of travel, adventure, cheese and mimosas. This makes her the ultimate consumer so it comes as no surprise that Alice has helped big brands cover their programmatic needs for most of her career. The best advice she was ever given was: Find a career that you love so work never feels like “work”. And that’s how we all roll at WorkReduce! Read on!

Press Release: WorkReduce Expands Media Staffing and Services Footprint to Support Global Demand

WorkReduce triples business as brands and agencies worldwide seek new ways to bridge digital media talent gap. WorkReduce Inc, a data-driven platform for marketing staff augmentation and services, today announced the expansion of its global operations to APAC and EMEA. Driven by increased client demand, WorkReduce is opening subsidiaries in Singapore and Switzerland to support global operations.

Growing Collaboration & Efficiency Within a Remote Marketing Team

…As the market slowly recovers, more businesses are looking to adopt a remote mode of working as a long-term solution. Having personally worked in remote teams successfully and unsuccessfully, my intention for this post is to share how to work to your strengths within a remote environment and to help your remote marketing team to stay connected, thrive and grow. From my experience in remote teams and fully remote companies, the success and team motivation always came down to having high levels of transparency, trust and communication. And without fail, this must start with those at the top.

From Pollution to Pollen: We’re Proud to Be Part of The Greenway Legacy

COVID and its aftermath have been full of surprises. One of the more unexpected twists for me has been when WorkReduce, the advertising talent company I founded, won a landscape architecture award this month. How does an advertising company win an award in such a seemingly unrelated category? Read on to learn about how we bridged data, talent, and advertising with the study of plant blooming to give something back at a time when people have turned to the outdoors for relief in huge numbers.

Getting Started with WorkReduce Staff Augmentation

WorkReduce staff augmentation is trusted by the world’s biggest brands and agencies to supplement their teams, but how does it actually happen? Our objective is always to match the right pre-screened talent to the specific needs of your team, so the most detail we can collect from you will ensure the best match. We have a roster of exceptional media talent available for immediate placement or we can source and screen additional specialist talent quickly where needed. We’ve refined a rigorous talent screening process (Talent ID), a Talent Match system and a client activation process to help you make quick, confident staffing decisions. Here’s what to expect:

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