Our Team

The WorkReduce founders, leaders, and investors come from successful startups and large agencies.

Our distributed model allows us to bring together diverse talent and expertise.

We’re committed to finding the best talent for your team, anywhere in the world.

The most innovative companies have 25% to 57% of their teams working remotely.

Teams with remote workers are 22% more successful in their initiatives compared to counterparts.

Source: Fast Company. Ideo Studied Innovation in 100+ Companies – Here’s What it Found.

Brian Dolan
CEO & Founder

Anna Binder
VP, Product & Operations

Kelly Lawler
VP, Sales

Stephanie Knoeck
Group Account Director

Deborah Gray
General Counsel

Ashley Stewart Izzo
Director of People Operations

Kelly White
Associate Account Director

Chad Arrendell
Associate Account Director

Rachel Knost
Associate Account Director

Distributed by design

We find and train talent from all over the US.

Our systems enable a diverse, distributed team to create the most impact.

WorkReduce expands your teams’ capacity and capability by increasing your talent reach.

We bring talent that might not live in the biggest cities, and people that might have skills and experience the average media planner doesn’t.

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