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A free virtual panel series that provides a space for collaboration and conversations about the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing brands and agencies today.

Each week, we convene executives, thought leaders, partners, and customers to work together on a wide range of topics including: what will the future of work look like; will work from home become the new normal; and what new skill sets will managers need to acquire to be effective.

WorkReduce is committed to providing you with the resources, connections and knowledge you need to thrive today and help you move forward from a place of strength post-pandemic. 

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Previous Webinars

June 22, 2020 12:00 PM EST

WorkReduce Live: Turning the tables on the advertising press

Join Sarah Fay, Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures, and Brian Dolan, WorkReduce CEO, as they grill leading advertising journalists on covering the industry, cutting through the noise, and emerging trends in the market. Stay for the audience Q&A to ask about scoops, gossip, and grudges

Patrick Coffee, Correspondent at Business Insider
Lara O’Reilly, Senior Correspondent at Digiday
Alison S. Weissbrot, Senior Editor at AdExchanger

June 18, 2020 

WorkReduce Live: A Fireside Chat

In 2020, brands and agencies are navigating more challenging conversations than ever. Beneath them all is one key question: can business be a force for good? Join our fireside chat about whether business — and advertising — can do good.


John Durham, CEO/General Partner, CATALYST S+F

Rishad Tabaccowala, Author and Senior Advisor to Publicis Groupe

Brian Dolan, CEO, WorkReduce

Recorded Thursday, June 18th, 2 PM ET

June 11, 2020 

Ad Fraud: What’s hype? What’s reality?

Who do you believe about ad fraud? Has fraud decimated the value of digital advertising, or do industry bodies and commercial tools have it under control? You’ll hear all sides of the story in this panel bringing together industry efforts. Find out if there’s a balance to be struck between reach, scale and quality.

Claire Atkin, BRANDED
Dr. Augustine Fou
Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Chief Digital & Innovation officer at UM
Louis-David Mangin, Cofounder & CEO at Confiant
Roy Rosenfeld, SVP Product, GM Israel, at DoubleVerify

Recorded Thursday, June 11th, 2 PM ET

May 5, 2020

Post-COVID: The Future of Learning, Training and Team Development Training in the new world 

 How will we come out on the other end of COVID-19? In this session, Maja Milicevic (Sparrow Advisers), Shiv Gupta (U of Digital), Rob Griffin (5GFutures) and Chris Kane (Jounce Media) will look at the future of training; best practices for remote, successful, asynchronous training now; and what all of this means for winning new business and career path-ing.

Moderated by Ana Milicevic, Sparrow Advisers.

Recorded Tuesday, May 5th, 2PM ET

April 9, 2020

The future is now: Media planning reinvented

When so much of the media planning process agency-side involves in-person, ad-hoc review, how can agencies adapt? Is this an opportunity for agencies to self-reinvent?

In this 30 minute session, Peter Mahoney, Founder and CEO (Plannuh), Christina Nee, Senior Director Client & Media Services (Centro), and Joseph Pych, CEO and cofounder (Bionic Advertising System), will discuss the technology, resources, education, and skillsets that will enable agencies to not only survive COVID-19 but come out stronger on the other side.

Moderated by John Durham, CEO and Managing Director of Catalyst SF

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