By Brian Dolan, Founder & CEO, WorkReduce

In keeping with the spirit of the season, WorkReduce is spreading cheer to classrooms throughout the country on behalf of our clients. As part of our ongoing commitment to support educational initiatives across the US, we partnered with DonorsChoose to fund over 30 projects at schools in 15 states.

Recently, our Give Back Squad connected with Craig Newmark Philanthropies, which helped us spread the word about our donation plans on Twitter. Within minutes, teachers across the country reached out to us with their DonorsChoose projects.

At WorkReducewe believe that exceptional talent is found in people who have a strong educational foundation, a passion for continued learning, and the discipline to bring their best to work each day. The work teachers do today will have far-reaching impact. We’re proud to be a part of their important work.

The positive feedback we received from funding classrooms speaks for itself – have a look!

Phonics Fun
“Thank you for supporting this project for decodable books for my students. Learning to read is a struggle for many of them and these books will meet them at their level. Your kindness and support of education is appreciated! Helping my students learn to read is my ultimate goal and your help will allow me to do that!”

With gratitude,
Mrs. Richey, Grades PreK-2, Hampden Elementary School, Mechanicsburg, PA

Science Spree
“Thank you so much for your generous donations to make this project possible! My students and I are absolutely overjoyed to continue exploring science with so many hands-on materials and books. We will start using these supplies as soon as they arrive in both small-group and whole-group settings. Thank you for helping us continue to grow as scientists and future leaders of America!”

With gratitude,
Ms. Martorana, Grades 3-5, Long Creek Elementary School, Huntersville, NC

Kindness Bingo
“Thank you so much for supporting our school. I can not wait to celebrate a month-long celebration of kindness with my students. It will be a great time of year to remind them of how important it is to be kind to each other as well as their teachers.”

With gratitude,
Ms. Christiansen, Grades 3-5, Compass Elementary School, Kansas City, MO

A Brighter Future
“Thank you for your generosity. Words can not express how thankful I am for this opportunity you have given my students. This will truly impact therapy sessions in a positive light. The students and I are truly blessed with the opportunity to improve visual motor skills.”

With gratitude,
Ms. Reason, Grades 3-5, Miles Elementary School, Atlanta, GA

Fulfilling Students Dream
“Thank you so much for helping me to give a few of our students holiday items to build their self-confidence while learning. Because of donors such as yourself, I am able to provide some things that are needed for our students throughout the school year. Your generosity is appreciated.”

With gratitude,
Ms. Clay, Grades PreK-2, Jackie Joyner Kersee Head Start, East Saint Louis, IL

Fun in Stations!
“Thank you so much for helping me get the games and books for my classroom. My students are going to be so excited to receive these materials and so surprised by their new music class choices. They are all so amazing and deserve everything I can give them and more. Thank you, thank you!”

With gratitude,
Mrs. Samaripa, Grades 3-5, Delmas F Morton Elementary School, Grand Prairie, TX

Coding with Scratch 3.0
“Thank you so much for your kind donation to my classroom. Teaching computer science is so very important, and Scratch makes that learning fun and engaging. I am so excited to add the additional resources available for Scratch projects and offer my students a choice of what projects they want to create.”

With gratitude,
Mrs. Newcomb, Grades 3-5, Westside Elementary School, Smithfield, VA

Markers and More
“Thank you so much for your generosity! Without your support, we would not have all of the supplies and materials that we need in order to offer the gifted and talented programming that our students deserve. It is especially difficult to ask parents to provide additional school supplies while they are already providing so much for their homeroom class. Thank you for your help.”

With gratitude,
Mrs. Babin, Grades 3-5, Bridgestone Intermediate School, Oklahoma City, OK

It’s a joy for us to hear teachers share their plans for providing students with new opportunities to learn. By supporting teachers, we are helping young students stretch their imaginations and build the skillsets required for a tech-driven future. 

Happy holidays and we look forward to making an even greater impact for years to come.


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