Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi, I’m Tori. I currently live in Dallas, Texas but I was born in raised in Razorback country (Arkansas). I’m a mother of two handsome sons (they are my world). I love online shopping, spending time with my family, cooking and watching college football (Roll Tide). I have been a recruiter for over 5 years working across multiple industries.

What’s your role at WorkReduce? 

I’m currently a Manager of Talent Acquisition, where I assist the company’s hiring needs. 

How do you explain to your mom what you do for a job? 

I’m a digital media recruiter for a fully remote hiring company. I recruit potential candidates to work for multiple digital media companies around the word.

Why did you choose WorkReduce?

I chose WorkReduce because the company core values aligned with my own personal values. Before joining I did some research and saw that the company was growing in the right direction and I wanted to bring my skillsets and knowledge to be an asset to the company. 

It looks like giving back to the community is important to you, as you’ve been an active tutor and volunteer. What motivates you to do this? 

During my tutoring years my motivation was seeing how excited the children were when they accomplished the goals that they thought were impossible to meet. I was also excited to help them understand the value of education. 

I’ve been volunteering throughout the years in my community. I’m an active member of the back-to-school drives, feed the hungry and give a child a Christmas for my hometown community. Since I moved to Texas, I’ve also joined the Operation Christmas Child.

What’s your proudest career moment? 

At my previous place of employment, I was promoted to Recruiting Coordinator trainer for the entire North America District of that company. I had the pleasure of training many new recruiters and coordinators to be successful, as they learned the company hiring systems.

What’s the craziest job you’ve done before, and what did it teach you? 

It’s not really a crazy job but working as a Call Center Sale Rep wasn’t the easiest job. However, I definitely learned to have patience and how to deal with irate customers. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Nothing in life is free. You either have to earn it or take it (legally). So, fight like every day is your last.

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