We have a roster of exceptional pre-screened media talent available for immediate placement. We’ve refined a rigorous talent screening process (Talent ID), our Talent Match systems and a client activation process to help you make quick, confident staffing decisions.

1) Needs Analysis 

You’ll first meet with a key member of our team with deep industry experience to discuss your business needs and goals. Tell us about your team structure, your accounts, the role, your preferred platforms, timing, budget and any other relevant job description details. 

2) Talent Match 

We’ll review internally with our team of advertising staffing experts who will match your needs with the right pre-screened talent profiles. Once we’ve determined a great talent match for your needs, we’ll send you a curated Talent Portfolio with a selection of exceptional turnkey talent. 

3) Talent ID Screening 

All of our talent has been pre-screened via our rigorous Talent ID screening process, saving you time, resource and money. Your portfolio talent will have passed a comprehensive assessment of general, technical and role specific skills. They will also be a Behavioral and Values match for your team requirements. 

4) Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Our clients save more money filling open roles ASAP – with our Satisfaction Guarantee. They’re able to make fast, confident hiring decisions knowing that our screening process, our talent matching systems, and our satisfaction guarantee will identify the best talent to meet their needs. 

5) Transparent Tracking & Reporting 

We’ll assign a Client Success (CS) manager so your talent will be supported from day one to ensure they’re trained and productive. Our tracking platform is updated daily and will keep you informed on your talent’s hours and activities. Your CS lead will send you regular status reports. 

6) Single Monthly Invoice from WorkReduce 

Each month we’ll send a single invoice from WorkReduce, whether you have 1 or 50 WorkReduce employees in your team.

We recommend getting our MSA and engagement SOW into your legal system upfront so your legal team have time to review the paperwork while you begin your talent selection process. Our team are in high demand so we’re unable to hold someone while we wait through a potentially long legal process. However, we already work with the majority of advertising Holding Companies, so check with your Sales lead whether there’s an existing MSA in place.

If you’re ready to start filling your open headcount – click on the “Let’s talk!” button below to set up a needs analysis call with one of our ad industry staffing experts.

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