It’s called “social” media for a reason; just having an official social profilwill give consumers the perception that you have a branded storefront or customer service desk which is always open. And as it’s always there, they expect to be able to have a social interaction with a representative of the company. At any time. On any day. 

But, how many brands on social media have virtual around the clock monitoring of their social profiles? How many brands are actually prepared to have a direct interaction with a customer about their products and stores? 

Many brands merely consider social as another marketing channel to talk at customers. Rather, they should be grasping the opportunity to engage with them in dialogue, to answer simple questions, to direct them to the correct response channel if neededand to build a community where their brand becomes part of the fabric of their customer’s everyday lives.

Your social media profile is a frontline touchpoint impacting your Customer Experience 

Proactive social media monitoring goes way beyond responding to complainers, although the power of responding to these posts should not be underestimated from a corporate reputation perspective. Forbes wrote about the impact of ignoring complaining customers some time back, and the message still rings true now. “Companies that fail to respond to complaints in a timely manner risk losing the same customers they spent large sums acquiring in the first place. The data shows that even when a problem is no longer fixable, a simple apology can still turn a negative attitude into a positive one.” 

A negative experience which is posted online can become an ingrained public perception which is tough –and often expensive- to shake. If a customer has voiced an issue in a public forum, it’s in the brands best interest to respond in the same environment. Even if a complete resolution needs to be reached offline, or through a different channel, other social followers will be tracking the real-life soap opera in real-time to imagine how they would be treated by the brand if it had happened to them.

Social monitoring for smooth and successful shopping experiences 

Social media monitoring goes beyond just fielding after hours complaints or protecting corporate reputations. Much like how your in-house customer service team do more than field issues, they assist customers to have smooth and successful shopping experiences, and so do your social media monitoring team. 

Since launching our Social Media Monitoring function as part of our WorkReduce Service Desk the majority of the requests that our teams are fielding is for product and purchase information. Requests can include – “Where can I buy this top?” to “How can I replace this device?”. And responses are timely, tonally correct for the brand, most often pre-written and approved, and always contextually helpful. 

When social monitoring for pharmaceutical brands we’re able to facilitate the conversation with patients and comply with FDA regulations. We do this by answering their immediate question or directing them seamlessly to more detailed answersto subject level experts, and towards further literature on the topic. Our team will also escalate any issues which may need Customer Service attention or when sensitive content needs review, keeping you connected at all times. 

Don’t let your customers feel ignored. Reach out to one of our team if you would like more information about social media monitoring options for your brand.

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