What are the differences between hiring WorkReduce talent versus an independent freelancer? -there are a lot. Although we’re huge supporters of all independent freelancers and contractors we bring more to the table for both the talent and the client.

We’ve summarized the differences between working with WorkReduce vs. Independent Freelancer, and have included the benefits of working with us, below.

The Benefits of “Renting” WorkReduce Talent for Your Team

Hire on-demand by the project or hour 

  • We provide flexible fee options for businesses based on their needs. This includes hours worked, by the project, or some combination. 

Dedicated staffing 

  • We can provide dedicated staffing support to your business, team, or project. Our talent will function just like a full-time dedicated team member, with the exception that they’ll continue to be managed and supported as a WorkReduce employee. 

Require additional resource management 

  • You define the work that needs to be done, and we provide the direct management and oversight of our team members to ensure they’re fully supported and productive from day one. 

Able to easily grow or reduce project scope 

  • We understand when projects expand or reduce and we’re ready to quickly respond with extra talent or the flexibility to reduce support to minimize your overhead. We do the heavy lifting of integrating new team members for a rapid and smooth transition. 

Integrate with brand team 

  • You have dedicated teams set up to work seamlessly within your brand framework. Our teams are skilled at adapting to your culture, processes and work style. We’re all experienced remote workers and can adjust our activities easily. 

Specialized skills 

  • We do the diligent work of identifying and hiring people with the specialized skills you need. We hire talent to fill specific roles so they have the expertise to outperform expectations. If personnel need to up-skill in certain areas we pay for them to gain relevant experience and certifications. 

Less risk & liability 

  • You can have more confidence with a fully insured WorkReduce team member for warranty and indemnity purposes if the need ever arises. 

Won’t require your company benefits 

  • You don’t need to worry about employee benefits or payroll taxes. We manage the employment of team members and provide benefits for our full-time employees to simplify things for you and improve conditions for them.

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