It’s never an easy pill to swallow when your role is laid off, it’s usually due to economic circumstances outside of your personal performanceThe majority of us have all been there at one time in our advertising careers. In fact, it happened to me this time last year. 

It’s important to remember that there’s no real stigma associated with redundancies these days, particularly in the creative, tech, marketing or agency markets. If you’re in the advertising and media field there are things that you can do right now to help with your career transition, including how we may be able to help: 

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile to “Open to opportunities” 
  2. Sign-up to the Minimum Viable List 
  3. Reach out to us at WorkReduce 

1. Update your LinkedIn profile to “Open to opportunities”

Recruiters are doing a great job of finding top advertising talent proactively on LinkedIn. The fastest way to indicate that you’re now available and open to immediate opportunities is to change the status on your profile.

Go to your profile page. Under your contact info there’s now a blue pulldown button which says “Open to” –if you select this it will allow recruiters and others in your network to see that you’re open to work opportunities. 

I’ve also seen some effective posts from people letting their network know that they’re available and to share any opportunities their way. I would caveat here, if you’re still a little sensitive about your new status, this may not be the most effective tactic for you just yet. A positive tone and attitude go a long way right now, but it’s ok if you need to take a breath before going public.

2. Add your profile to the Minimum Viable List 

In May of this year, in response to the pandemic-related lay-offs, we established a talent initiative with our creative partner Said Differently to create a publicly accessible list of the industry’s top talent who are available for rehire. 

We called it the “minimum viable” list because it’s designed to be as simple as possible for talent to sign up to include their profile and for agencies to access and find great talent. 

The list has been a great help for talent and rehiring agencies to connect this year, so we encourage you to add your profile to the free list here. For rehiring brand teams and agencies, please refer to the list for the market’s top self-identified talent available now for hire in the media, technology and creative spaces.

3. Reach out to us at WorkReduce for placement opportunities with the best brands and agencies 

Don’t think that job hiring is winding down just because people are preparing for a New Year’s break. In fact, we have many open roles for immediate placement working with the market’s best brands. 

Our roles range from part-time to full time, dedicated to on-demand by hour. And all of them are managed and supported by a WorkReduce director so you can do the work that you love doing faster and more efficiently, without having to navigate a new business culture or operation. 

Check out our current job listings here – and check back regularly as we update and turn these over often! But also, DM our Director of Talent Acquisition so you can discuss your background and preferred next role. 

By Sarah Calkin-Ward, Head of MarketingWorkReduce 

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