December is traditionally the dreaded peak of ‘Pink Slip’ season where theres an increase of lay-offs prior to the end of the financial year. It’s never an easy decision for a business, or a position that HR wants to manage, but its undoubtedly worse for the employee to experience this at an expensive time of year. 

If this unfortunately happens to you this December, know that we see you, we feel you, and we have your back to help you find an interim or full-time role to minimize your stress levels. 

Why is it referred to as being “pink-slipped”? 

There’s a whole generation who have never received paper pay slips or paychecks, so this is worth offering pink slip history lessonBack in yea olden days (before the 2000’s) it was a standard that all full-time employees would receive a written pay slip in an envelope alongside their paper paycheck. If you received your pay slip on pink paper, instead of traditional white, it was an unsubtle way for the employer to let you know that you had been dismissed. Ouch. 

We’re not completely sure of the origins of the pink slip in America but in Germany their dismissal letters were said to have been served on blue paper, while in France, military dismissals were said to be served on yellow paper (cartouche jaune). It was a color-coded way to catch the eye of employees who may not otherwise read a document to know that they had been let go. No wonder there are Pink Slip Support groups today. 

How WorkReduce can help you right now 

If your role is unfortunately laid off or you’re let go this month we can help. Don’t think that job hiring is winding down just because people are preparing for a New Year’s break. In fact, we have many open roles for immediate placement working with the market’s best brands. 

Our roles range from part-time to fulltime, dedicated to on-demand by hour. And all of them are managed and supported by WorkReduce director so you can do the work that you love doing faster and more efficiently, without having to navigate a new business culture or operation. 

Next Steps for recently pink-slipped candidates: 

1. Take a breath. You’re not the first that this has happened to, you will come out of this on top. In fact, here are 5 famous people who were all laid off before becoming (hugely) successful –so you’re in great company alongside Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Thomas Edison. 

2. Next, check out our open roles here – we update them regularly so keep checking in! 

3. Follow WorkReduce on LinkedIn, we post a lot of updated roles and recruitment tips here. 

4. Update your resume – some great resume tips here – but don’t let that hold you back from reaching out to show your interest in roles in the meantime! 

5. Reach out to me –Melissa Marino – and let me know about your background and preferred next role. We can make a time to chat together. We’re a 100% remote company so we can connect on Zoom at a time that works best for you. 

We’re sorry this happened to you, but remember, when one door closes another undoubtedly opens. Our aim is to retain and support great advertising talent like yourself. You got this. 

By Melissa Marino, Director, Talent AcquisitionWorkReduce 

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