This month’s WorkReduce Employee Spotlight is Associate Account Director Edward Chad Arrendell!
He answered some of our pressing questions- read on about goats attending meetings and hot Cheetos!


2019/2020 Successes?
Keeping revenue steady despite the woes of COVID; Up-skilling in DCM, GTM, and Web Development; Getting all of my kids out of diapers (almost); Onboarded 2 new clients; and I got to attend a Goat2Meeting.

What is the best thing about working at WorkReduce?
The best thing about working at WorkReduce is getting access and exposure to the entire ecosystem that is digital advertising. I’ve been able to grow my knowledge of the industry quite a bit while at WorkReduce

Tips for Working from home?
My best tip for working from home is not to forget to go outside and smell the roses! When you are working from home permanently it can be tough to turn home into your office but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time for a walk and feel the breeze. You’re not alone!

Fun Fact?
My fun fact is that while I am an avid lover of chips and snacks (including the spicy ones), but I’ve never eaten a flaming hot Cheeto!

Thanks for talking with us Chad! We will be featuring more of our employees soon!

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