WorkReduce Employee Spotlight! Today we’re excited to introduce you to Media Strategist Minette Chan!

Where are you from?
Currently New Orleans, but a San Franciscan native

2019/2020 Successes?
Personally, single-parenting a toddler while my husband was overseas in the military. Career-wise, growing my clients’ business and seeing some great returns!

What do you like about working at WorkReduce?
I love the flexibility, and everyone has been really friendly and resourceful.

Tip for working remotely?
Remember to take breaks! My dogs often remind me when to take a break.

Fun fact?
I vacation with my sister once a year (I probably have to skip this year). We’ve been to Japan, Costa Rica, Spain, etc. and she still lives in San Francisco.

Thanks for getting to know Minette, and keep a lookout for our next employee spotlight, coming soon!

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