WorkReduce Employee Spotlight! Today we’re excited to introduce Search Associate¬†Jacob Trahms!

Where are you from?

Janesville, Minnesota.

2019/2020 Successes


Was given a semi-annual goal to increase revenue on 3 different search accounts by 50% YoY while maintaining a 20% cos. Accomplished the goal 2 months early.


I’ve been placed on all new accounts.

What do you like about working at WorkReduce?

I enjoy the range of work. It really lets me diversify my skillset while also helping me grow professionally. I thrive on challenges and learning new things, and WorkReduce consistently gives me those opportunities.

Tip for working remotely?

For me, it really comes down to self-discipline & motivation. The common struggles of working remotely need to be tackled mentally.

Fun fact?

I was born in South Korea and adopted at a young age.

Thanks for taking a moment to meet Jacob, and we look forward to introducing more of our team soon!

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