Hire Fresh Programmatic Talent

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Jumpstart by WorkReduce is a training program that creates diverse, keyboard-ready junior programmatic talent who become your full-time employees.

Built by leading digital media veterans from the world’s most sophisticated agencies, Jumpstart equips talent with the day-to-day skills required to be successful in a fast-paced media buying environment. Our trainers draw on years of experience building and executing similar curricula.

Jumpstart graduates are extensively vetted before starting the program and have prior agency experience. What’s more, graduates of Jumpstart receive ongoing supervision from their trainers after graduation, ensuring smooth integration and ongoing success, and a rapid transition to full-time employee status with your organization.


  • Respond to campaign briefs 
  • Develop tactical recommendations 
  • Traffic ads, manage budgets, optimize campaigns
  • Create useful reporting
    for managers and clients


  • Google DV360
  • The Trade Desk
  • Beeswax


  • 6-12 months contract 
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Contract to full-time hire
    after 6 months, at no
    additional cost

WorkReduce supports the most dynamic agencies, brands, and ad platforms with programmatic talent.


Hire Fresh Programmatic Talent

Digitally-skilled talent is more in demand than ever.

Save the time and cost of identifying fresh talent and the expense of training programs.

Fill out the form or call us at: (855) 521 1945 

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