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Client Success, Guaranteed

Embed by Nimble Talent speeds your platform’s growth and drives adoption by deploying experts into your clients’ teams.

The most trusted talent solution in advertising is now your secret weapon. 

A Workforce REALITY.

Platforms are increasingly stepping up to provide resources to ad agencies to keep client work moving.

The good news? You don’t have to go at it alone. Embed is a turnkey solution to provide your clients with the support they need to succeed.

“Platforms are stepping up to say, ‘What if we help? What if we give you some funding to help you in the short term? Obviously, the trade-off is, you’ll use our platform.’

Everyone is trying to figure out how to keep the work going.”

– Ad Age, Understaffed Media Agencies Are Turning to Tech Firms For Help, 2023


Once you’ve identified accounts with critical resourcing needs, Nimble Talent builds a portfolio of certified talent for your clients to select from.  
Then, our trusted deployment and management process kicks into gear.

Choose between white label or partner programs with payment options including subsidized, fully paid, and rebated
As a result, Embed fuels the use of your platform, while providing complete transparency into talent activity and performance through the Nimble Talent platform.


Embed offers a ready source of highly qualified talent well-versed in your tools, eliminating the cost involved in sourcing, interviewing, training, and ongoing management.  
As a completely turnkey and white-labeled solution, your clients get immediate access to digital experts who fully understand what it means to thrive in a fast-paced, media buying environment.  

    Our CLIENTS.

    As the ad industry’s most trusted talent partner, Nimble Talent is already embedded within your clients’ talent organizations.


    We hired Nimble Talent to address the challenges of filling specialist roles like programmatic trader that don’t require Ivy League degrees or proximity to Manhattan.

    – Jade Watts, Chief Media Officer

    With the the team’s support, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I really appreciate all the smart questions and great communication that is taking place in individual requests and am thrilled to be working with them!

    – Emily Mattson, Paid Media Manager

    We use Managed Service ad operations to power our global ad buying and are really pleased with the results. The Managed Service flexibility allows us to focus our resourcing investment on areas that deliver maximum value for HP.

    Chris Liberti, Ad Operations Lead

    We love the flexibility and being able to access the on-demand analytics and creative support for our business. Winning in 2020 requires companies to be nimbler and savvier than ever before. With Nimble Talent, we can streamline operations without sacrificing expertise and skill.

    – Steve Bagdasarian, AVP & GM, Media & Monetization

    We’ve worked with Nimble Talent for the past several years and have grown to rely on the quality work and responsiveness of their team. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs trafficking and reporting services.

    – Mike Doucette, Sr Director, Client Operations

    Get the Help YOUR CLIENTS NEED.

    Our cutting-edge talent solutions help you improve margins and drive success for your clients.
    Learn how to speed your platform’s growth and adoption by filling out the form or call us at: 855 521 1945 

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