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Who are we?

We’re a fully remote company comprised of a diverse group of professionals looking to make media execution simpler for our customers through people, process, and technology.  We support our customers in a variety of areas, including ad trafficking, campaign management, screenshots, ad fraud, analytics, reporting, and QA. Really anything they might need to perform better and faster!   

At WorkReduce, we’ve found that certain types of people thrive in our fast-paced, fully remote environment, and we built our core values around the traits that define that success.

Core Values

We’re looking for candidates who embody our core values

Do good work through quality and attention to detail

Make things happen through integrity, commitment, and leadership qualities

Make things better through professional curiosity, improving the status quo, and iteration on process

Our Culture

Working from home 

While remote working is the new normal, we’ve been 100% remote since our company started six years ago, and we think we’ve worked out the kinks. We like to say we have “work-life blend” not just work life balance. Our active and communicative teams use many platforms to ensure remote success, and to share remote work views, our pet coworkers, virtual happy hour, and watercooler chats.

Keep advancing with WorkSkills training

We believe in maintaining a strong educational platform for our team so you can continue to up-level your experience and advance your career opportunities. Our WorkSkills program will pay for you to add desirable platform certifications, such as Amazon Advertising, Google Marketing Platform, HubSpot Marketing Platform, and The Trade Desk. Importantly, it keeps you on the clock during some of the slower seasonal periods of the year.

     WorkReduce Pet Coworkers


The WorkReduce team is proudly inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly. By process, WorkReduce does “blind hiring” from all across the U.S. and has found that the majority of our employee base is over age 35, racially reflects the US as a whole, and is predominantly non-urban. Our team is actively involved in improving our diversity education and training internally. 

Effecting Change 

WorkReduce proudly offers employees PTO for voting. During the pandemic, our CEO personally donated masks to local charities and initiated a company-wide program to match employee charity donations. We are consistently improving and looking for ways to make a difference.

Ready to apply?

View our current open positions by clicking the button below. Don’t see a perfect fit? Feel free to submit a general application and we will contact you if a position opens up that is a good match for your skillset.


How we work

What types of Roles do you have at WorkReduce? 

Our clients work with us in a couple of different ways. We split our business into two main buckets:

  • Service Desk (ticket-based) roles are ongoing positions with WorkReduce. If you come on in a Service Desk role, you will be a W2 employee of WorkReduce working across multiple accounts.  
  • Dedicated roles are where the the employee sits on the client-side and is embedded with the team. 

When we work with our clients on Dedicated roles, we have engagements that last between 3 and 12 months. Once the initial time frame is up, we have a very high renewal rate with clients, which typically extend the role for upwards of another 6-12 months. This renewal is not guaranteed for each role but is common.  

When we have an agreement in place (or are working on an agreement) it will have a minimum time frame. In that time frame, you would be a W2 employee of WorkReduce, meaning we will be the ones issuing you your paycheck for the hours worked. In the event that the client does not renew the agreement, because you would be a WorkReduce employee, you are then eligible to be moved onto a new project. We work to make sure this transition is as seamless as possible with regard to end dates and start dates. This is a common practice on our side. We have several employees who have been on accounts for 3 years as well as employees who have worked on 3 or more accounts over their time with us.  

You also have the option of not choosing to move on to a new project. Our goal is to work with your schedule and hours to ensure we have the best match for what you are looking to do and the needs of our clients – both time-wise and skill-based.  

Who are our Customers? 

We have either worked with or are currently working with the top 5 holding companies in the world. Our teams also support media teams on the brand side. We’ve supplemented teams with additional specialist talent and have staffed an entire virtual team.

Our Interviews

What can I expect the hiring process to be like? 

Our interview process is typically comprised of an audio-only screening call and then possibly 2-3 follow up interviews with a tech expert and hiring manager on video.  In some cases, we may also schedule a call with our client.  

Do I need to be on video for my interview? 

Yes, we require video for all interviews after your initial audio-only screening call.  

Additional screening tasks

If you move forward in our hiring process, we will ask you to complete a screening task. We ask all candidates who move forward in our process to complete this task, regardless of the job type. When you receive the task, simply complete it and email it back to our recruiting team before your next interview.  We may also ask for additional technical screening questions if we need a little more information. 

Behavioral Interviewing

WorkReduce uses behavioral interviewing to assess candidates. What this means to us is that our questions are designed not only to assess the technical abilities of a candidate but also to assess if they would be a fit for our core values.  

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing.  We love it when candidates use the STAR method to answer our questions.

Our employee benefits

Do you offer benefits? 

We do offer health/dental/vision insurance with employer contribution. The employee must work 30+ hours/week regularly. We also have a 401k.  

Is WorkReduce able to provide sponsorship or employment Visas? 

Applicants must be authorized to work for ANY employer in the US. We are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of employment Visas at this time. 

Remote work views

Our unique company structure allows you to do your work from anywhere, and we have the employee submitted remote work views to prove it! From Rome to the California wine country, our employees share their travels and unique viewpoints from all across the world. 

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