Thank you for considering a career with WorkReduce! Our Talent Team want to make sure you ace your interview with us, and that you have the tools to feel confident and comfortable through the whole process.  

To assess each candidate fairly, we have an in-house process that our interviewers follow, so this article is to provide you with as much detail into that process so you understand what is being evaluated at each step and you can prepare accordingly. 

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” –Alexander Graham Bell. 

Our interview process 

When you apply for a position at WorkReduce, the first step will be a “phone” screen (audio-only Zoom call) with one of our Talent Team Members. In the phone screen, we’ll ask about your work background, some behavioral interview questions, and some general screening questions that we ask all candidates. 

The phone screen is an important part of our recruitment process which has helped us to create greater employee diversity by eliminating any unconscious bias that can typically be found in the market.  

If you move forward in the process, you’ll speak next with a Hiring Manager for the role, a subject matter expert, and you might have the opportunity to speak with our clients at that point as well. The team will be digging deeper into your practical experience to assess your skills, level of expertise, and to find the right match for our client accounts. 

Zoom best practices 

All our calls are on Zoom. Your first call will be audio only, but if you move forward, we’ll ask you to be on video. As WorkReduce is an entirely remote company, it’s important for us to see that our team are accessible via Zoom. Please ensure you have a strong connection and correct audio/video setup prior to your call. More tips on how to ace your video interview can be found here. 

Technical skills assessment 

As many of our roles require a very high level of technical expertise, we often provide a technical skills assessment to gauge each candidate’s proficiency level, and to identify where any additional support or training might be beneficial for people otherwise perfect for a role. As each skills test is specific to a role, functional area, or platform we’ll provide a lot more information on this at the time. 

Using behavioral interview questions to match talent who embody our core values 

Our overall approach to our process is behavioral interviewing. To us that means our questions are designed to understand how well you fit the needs of the role, but also our core values. 

Our core values are incredibly important to us because of our unique business model, and to sustain our long-term relationships with our clients. Also, as a fully remote team, we’re looking for people who embody our core values so that we can continually improve our company culture.  

Our core values include the desire to do good work, make things happen and make things better. Keep these in mind when you go into your interview.

WorkReduce Core Values:

Background check 

Many of our clients’ employment policies require us to perform a more detailed background check on candidates who they wish to place in their team. As a courtesy, we’ll notify you in advance of running this check. 

We’ve built a new model for working in the ad industry -come and join us!

Please visit our Careers page for more info on our company culture, charity initiatives, to access our open positions, and a to watch a video message from our CEO, Brian Dolan.  We look forward to helping you to grow your career with WorkReduce!

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