Tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m a native Chicago-an currently based in NYC, with a few years in southern and northern California in between -and have been working in digital media for 10 years. 

Prior to working at WorkReduce, I’ve worked in operations and account management on both the publisher and technology side where I collaborated with colleagues and clients from engineering to product, to sales and business development, and everything in between. 

Outside of work hours you can find me on the streets of Brooklyn researching which coast really is the best coast, reading, practicing yoga and meditation, attempting to cook or binging British crime dramas (with Ted Lasso sprinkled in to keep things light). 

What’s your role at WorkReduce? 

Associate Director, Client Success. I help ensure a successful partnership between our WorkReduce team members and the clients they are working with, from onboarding all the way through completion of an assignment. I then continue to grow our client relationships to expand career opportunities for our team members.  

I manage a group of employees ranging from data analysts, ad operations managers, campaign managers, media planners/buyers, to customer success and account management rockstars. I have a people-first mindset and am passionate about connecting talent to opportunity and learning and development, which produces excellent results for our clients to help drive their businesses forward.  

How do you explain to your mom what you do for a job? 

I manage team members working on digital marketing assignments for clients and make sure they and our clients have whatever they need for a successful partnership. I matchmake candidates with opportunities and am there as their WorkReduce manager and support system every step of the way. 

How does your work impact our business and/or our client’s businesses? 

For our WorkReduce team members, my organization is tasked with supporting and uncovering more work opportunity for them. This in turn strengthens and grows our team and their skillsets. For our clients, it’s filling their staffing and support needs with highly skilled people. 

Most of my day is spent working with mid to large media agencies who’ve seen a huge need for talent as media spend has increased in 2021 after a pull-back in 2020 due the ongoing pandemic. 

There’s so much opportunity in this space right now to make a mark on a client’s business by doing great work for some of the biggest brands in the world. This enables our clients to keep turning to WorkReduce to access top talent. 

Your Client Success team is our secret sauce at WorkReduce. You work 1:1 with our client partners and our talent to ensure both parties are fully supported and happy. Are there common challenges that you see us resolve for our clients? 

It can be a challenge to onboard a team member to a new client who has not worked with a company like WorkReduce before. Since our team members are not direct employees of the clients, some aren’t sure how much to integrate them into their teams.

We find the most success when our team is looked at as much a part of the team as direct hires, so I do a lot of education with our clients and team members to ensure that is happening. 

Working inside an agency is not for the faint-hearted. Why do you think WorkReduce talent do so well in this environment? 

We look for team members who can pivot quickly and are masters at prioritizing – these are skills that are crucial in agency life. We find a lot of our team members are naturals at this as many are balancing multiple clients, either within WorkReduce or side projects, or working on passion projects at the same time. I’m amazed at what some of our team members achieve even while working full-time with us, like podcasting, writing e-books, running YouTube channels and other incredible creative passion projects, or being primary caregivers and educators! 

What’s the craziest job you’ve done before, and what did it teach you? 

I’ve done a lot of work with kids, from teaching tennis to being a camp counselor. I love kids in general and it provided me with skills like patience, the ability to pivot, planning, problem solving, and did I say patience? 

Soft skills are super important in my role and I pride myself on being hugely empathetic which really informs my people-first mindset. I want our team members and clients to succeed in whatever it is they need. It’s through developing a personal relationship with them and understanding what drives them as people. It’s what’s going on in their lives that informs how they work, how they learn and receive feedback best. These are super important to me. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Be a morning person. I’m naturally a night owl, but my most productive days professionally and personally are those where I’m up early enough to get some healthy habits in like movement and meditation to get me in the right headspace to jumpstart on emails and deep work. 

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