Tell us a little about yourself! 

Hey y’all, I’m Alice. I was born and raised north of Atlanta, GA and other than a brief adventure in Oregon, I’ve lived here the whole time. I’m a social butterfly, high extrovert, super bubbly and surprisingly not annoying. 😊  

I’ve been in sales for over 11 years and traveled across the US for work. My passport needs some serious attention, so I’ll be planning new adventures soon. Outside of work hours, you can find me working out so I can enjoy sipping mimosas and creating fancy charcuterie boards with friends later. 

What’s your role at WorkReduce? 

I’m a Sales Director. I primarily work with enterprise brands as their in-house advertising needs are often unique to those of our agency partners. I previously spent 6 years at Goodway Group which gave me a solid grounding of the programmatic challenges impacting big brands. 

I believe that Sales is all about creating symbiotic relationships and my role in the relationship is to better understand the problems that my clients are facing and to present them with an effective solution. 

How do you explain to your mom what you do for a job? 

I help reduce the workload for the people who run big brands by bringing on the right people to handle their digital advertising. 

How does your work impact our business and/or our client’s businesses?  

At WorkReduce, our goal is to help our partners focus on what matters the most to their brand so they can innovate and delight their customers. We do this by supplementing their teams with technical specialists.  

Our team covers all of the tasks that are vital to the success of their digital campaigns –but they aren’t as close to the brand and end-customer as their in-house experts. I find the brands who have this need and help align them with the right talent and support model to maximize their brand efforts. 

Over the recent pandemic period our business experienced the biggest growth from brands. They really lead the charge early on to creatively supplement and support their in-house employees. Where are you seeing the biggest business opportunity for brands? 

Brands have changed their advertising approach by shifting their focus internally to create a team that lives, breathes, and speaks their brand language best. This is a strategic move since no one knows a brand better, or has more passion for the brand, than their own employees.  

As the pandemic took over and more consumers were online than ever before, the digital advertising demands placed on brands were magnified. Brand teams had to throw out their advertising playbooks and learn how to innovate quickly to the changing consumer needs. 

At the same time, new headcount budgets got sliced. This meant that brands couldn’t support their increased digital demands with their existing headcount. As such we saw the greatest interest from brands for our Service Desk support.

The service specializes in key functional areas ranging from ad operations and quality assurance to analytics, reporting and data quality, to digital campaign management and support. This allowed the in-house brand teams to focus on the other parts of their business that helped them survive and thrive.

The best feedback we received from a client this year was “We would never have survived last year without you.” 

What’s the craziest job you’ve done before, and what did it teach you? 

I was an event coordinator for a couple of years. That may not sound crazy to most but the asks, the tasks, the hours, the stress… It taught me how to make quick decisions under pressure and how to think outside of the box. 

I’ve spray painted flowers to match a specific color, created columns out of styrofoam when weight was an issue, and put batteries in over 5,000 candles due to a fire risk. I drank more caffeine in those days. 

However, it proved to me that there’s ALWAYS a solution. Sometimes you just have to work a lot harder for it. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Find a career that you love so work never feels like “work”.

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