Tell us a little about yourself! 

When I’m not working, I’m an avid reader, a huge sports fan and lover of games and puzzles. Over the last couple of years, I’ve read about 25 books a year, but my goal this year is 30. While I like the Astros and Texans, I love my Baylor Bears…they’re national champs in basketball this year!! For exercise, Camp Gladiator is my go-to, it’s great for motivation and accountability for working out!! I’ve worked out in the same group in the mornings for 4 years now (minus a short Covid pause last year). If they’re in your area, you should try it. And if they aren’t, hopefully they will be soon! 

What’s your role at WorkReduce? 

I’m a Senior Manager at WorkReduce. While I’ve been with the company for four years now, I’ve worked for the same two clients over the past 2 ½ years. For one client I spend my time on reporting and reporting automation for process optimization, in addition to writing campaign insights to explain how each campaign has performed. My role with my other client, involves involves trafficking their digital campaigns in GCM. 

How do you explain to your mom what you do for a job? 

Apparently, I don’t or haven’t done a good enough job of it. I told her about this question, and she I should copy and send her the answer, haha.

As far as what I do for a job, I would refer to my answer to the previous question. Now, if I’m asked what WorkReduce does, I say we provide knowledgeable, intelligent, hard-working staff to advertising agencies and brands at different levels. Our efforts allow the agency to work more effectively by providing critical skills in areas that advance the agency’s efforts in other areas.

How does your work impact our client’s businesses? 

My reporting and automation work helps my client to showcase what they do (on time and in detail) to their brand clients. I’m also able to improve the reporting process overall which makes everything more scalable. For my other client, I give them the confidence that their campaigns are trafficked accurately, tested early, and launched on time –so they can put their energies in other places. 

You not only achieved a B.B.A. in Accounting, Finance & Info Systems but you also went on to complete an MBA program as well. How has this educational foundation helped you in your current work? 

I think this educational foundation taught me a lot. Of course, I learned a lot of accounting, finance, and information systems, but even more than that it taught me life skills. While I had been a part of teams before, most of them prior to this had been sports related. It taught the value of good teams and how a team that works well together can produce greater high-level work than any individual could possibly do. Information Systems teaches you to identify how all those individual moving parts can work best as a team. And how to keep improving. 

We totally agree with your profile description on LinkedIn where you refer to yourself as an “independent thinker, team player, and problem solver”. These are qualities that make a great WorkReduce employee. How have you developed these over your career?  

These are things that I’ve worked on over the years, but it’s also just part of who I am. I think it’s important to both be a team player and be able to work effectively on your own, especially when working for a client from home. Building a team over time through collaboration and training each other in the areas where one person has a strength is beneficial for the whole team. I think I’ve always been a problem solver. I love puzzles, whether that be a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or trying to find a solution to a work problem with what is available or known.  

What’s the craziest job you’ve done before, and what did it teach you? 

Craziest job? Ever? I guess my first job, telemarketing for a carpet cleaning company. It taught me that it was not going to be something I would want to be doing for very long! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

It’s good when you can see a problem enough to complain about it, but it’s better when you come with a solution for said problem. 

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