At WorkReduce, we’re trying to make the world a better place while we improve the ad industry. That’s why I’m really happy to share the feedback that we’re getting as we continue to support educational initiatives around the country.

This quarter, our talent team stepped in as our Give Back Squad to choose the projects that we donated to through our WorkReduce Gives Back program. They chose to support communities from College Point, NY; Bronx, NY; Louisville, KY; Nth Miami Beach, FL; New York, NY; Lawrence, MA; to Manchester, NH!

The feedback we received from funding these seven projects really speaks for itself.

Trials of a Special Educator (Mrs.Lavaud) –request for special education resources (Grade 9-12)

“Brian and Julie!! Words cannot express my gratitude to your donation. Thank you so much. Our children are my why for doing what I do. This will definitely help with my productivity and the efficiency in which I help my babies. Againthank you both. Special Educators have some of the hardest jobs and I’m proud to be one. Julie your family members are awesome. Thank you again for the donation “

The Wonderful Things They Will Be, (Mrs.Hong) –request for copies of books (Pre-K to Grade 2)

“Hello Brian and Melissa! I wish you could have seen my face when I found out this project has been funded, but fully funded now because of your generosity! This book is very special to me as well, and because of your help, I will be able to share how special it is with my students! Thank you so much for your support and I cannot wait to share your kindness with my little pre-k learners! Thank you so much!”

Amping up our E-Drumsets for our Diversity & Equality Musical, (Mrs.Aming) –request for amps for their E-Drumsets (Grade 3-5)

Dear Brian Dolan (WorkReduce),

Thank you so very much for donating and ultimately fully funding my “Amping Our E-Drums for Our Diversity & Equality Musical!” project request. I must admit that it was a careless oversight for me not to notice that the two e-drums by themselves would need amplification, but you came to the rescue, and now both of the two sets would be able to be heard without headphones. Thank you for reaching out and supporting my music classroom. 
With gratitude, 
Mrs. Aming

Help My Students GLOW!, (Mrs.Jensen) –request for supplies to make her classroom an exciting place for her students to return to (Grade 6-8)

Dear Brian Dolan (WorkReduce),

Thank you so much for helping me with this project, I could not do it without you! I am so excited to watch my students GLOW using these materials. I know they are going to have so much fun being in the classroom again and learning in such a creative way! Thank you so much again! 
With gratitude, 
Ms. Jensen

Help Us Paint! (Ms.Thompson) –request for watercolor paints and supplies (Grade 3-5)

Dear Brian Dolan (WorkReduce),

Thank you so much for your generous contribution! I cannot wait to start new projects with my students and explore watercolors! They will be ecstatic to hear that they will soon be able to use a new medium in class. 
I appreciate your support during my first year as an art teacher. Thanks to your help, I am able to be a better teacher! 
With gratitude, 
Ms. Thompson

A is for Apple!, (Mrs. Hoggard) –request for a Teacher’s ipad and supplies (Grade 3-5)

Dear Brian Dolan (WorkReduce),

Thank you so much for your support and believing in our classroom! The students will really benefit from seeing the lessons annotated and presented as we learn. We are eager for this arrival and we can’t wait to start using it. Donors like you make it possible for me to do my job effectively. Thank you for your contribution and making the world a better place! 
With gratitude, 
Mrs. Hoggard

And some continued feedback from one of our Q4 donation recipients, to show how a simple teacher’s iPad can make a huge difference to make remote working more engaging, interaction, and fun.

An Apple A Day Helps Us Learn From Far Away (Mrs.Tatro), Saco, ME (Grade 3-5)

Dear Brian Dolan (WorkReduce),

Thank you so much for donating to my project: An Apple (iPad) a Day Helps Us Learn From Away! Having this device has enabled me to make learning fun and exciting, especially on days when my entire team has unexpectedly had to quarantine and learn remotely for days at a time. 
From a teaching standpoint, the iPad is the ultimate portable classroom. I can easily and seamlessly teach from my classroom to my living room using the same device; it is neither clunky nor cumbersome, and its battery life is incredible. The Apple Pencil has turned my tablet into an incredible teaching tool; I can manipulate images, use my iPad as a whiteboard, use it as a notebook… The list goes on and on. Gone are the days of multiple binders and folders and lost papers. 
In short, this project has transformed my teaching. Thank you again for your donation. I am thankful beyond words. 
With gratitude, 
Mrs. Tatro

By Brian Dolan, CEO, WorkReduce

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