Paid Search is one of the most targeted and cost-effective tactics that a marketer can use to drive more qualified leads to theibrand website. 

But despite the availability of some great digital campaign tools to help manage and optimize paid search results, we’ve found that search is a channel where specialist human input will go a long way.

We asked one of our leading Paid Search specialists, Taylon Childers, to share three ways your search team can get the most of your search campaign strategy. 

3 Paid Search Media ABCs 

  • Add Audiences – Layering audiences into your search campaign can help you better understand who’s clicking and converting. You can also exclude underperforming audiences to reserve your budget for the groups of searchers more likely to convert. Make sure to set your search audiences to Observation so you don’t restrict your campaign targeting, and then use bid adjustments when you want to boost or minimize traffic to certain audiences. 
  • Be Smart with Automation – Automation can be a great tool to save time and improve campaign efficiencies, but nothing can replace human QA. A small mistake can be magnified if you aren’t checking in regularly. 
  • Check SQRs – Google has made so many changes to its match types, and that can have a real impact on the auctions that trigger your ads. Look for irrelevant search terms, but also keep an eye on high volume terms that aren’t earning clicks. You can exclude these to free up your budget for better performers. 

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